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2023 OKLAHOMA All State Etudes

Reference recordings for the Selected Studies Eb Major and F# Minor first round All State etudes.

Contact Dr. Kachouee for a sample lesson to work on the etudes, or for a clinic at your school. 

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CLARINET FUNDAMENTALS: Includes sections on long tones, scales, and articulation including adapted and original exercises. Click to preview the table of contents. To receive a free PDF of the complete book, fill out the form in the block below. 

PRACTICE STRATEGIES: An outline of basic through advanced strategies for practicing to build technique, expression, and consistency. 

Email to receive Clarinet Fundamentals free!

Thank you, and happy practicing!

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International Clarinet Association: Join today for access to the quarterly journal and the Naxos Music Library, attend yearly ClarinetFest, and more! 

Clarinet and Saxophone Society of Great Britain: Join for full access to the magazine and events, or explore the website for news, videos, and educational materials. 

Clarinet Institute of Los Angeles: One of the largest sources of free clarinet literature available for immediate download including solo (with or without piano and concerti), duets, quarters, and other chamber music. 

Backun Musical Services: Explore Backun's products for top of the line instruments and accessories for players of all levels. Also subscribe to Backun's YouTube for informative and inspiring content particularly for teaching private lessons. 

Vandoren Paris: The gold standard when it comes to quality reeds and accessories for beginners through professionals. Learn more about essential equipment through Vandoren's articles and chart comparisons. 

B. Corbin Clarinet Products: Finely crafted Instruments and accessories including Royal Global clarinets, and the Polaris adjustable barrel. The site includes an informative blog, and you may follow on FB and Instagram for play testing, photos, and more. 

MADclarinet: A site with free and purchase materials for applied teachers and K-12 music educators. The site and materials are created by Dr. Mary Alice Druhan, Professor of Clarinet at Texas A&M University - Commerce. 

earspasm music: Bass clarinet rockstar, Michael Lowenster's website and shop, also his YouTube handle. You'll find incredible performances, entertaining and educational videos, free and low cost music, as well as bass clarinets and accessories. 
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Luyben Music: Extensive catalogue, excellent service.

Van Cott Information Services: Large selection of prose-based texts, etudes, and methods in addition to solo and chamber literature. 

Alea Publishing: Specializing in solo and chamber works for bass clarinet.

IMSLP: The International Music Score Library Project, featuring works in the public domain including solo and chamber repertoire, etudes, orchestral parts, scores, and more. 

CAMco: Repertoire and educational materials with a powerful, customizable search tool. A good source for music by living composers. 

Potenza Music: An array of original works and arrangements for solo, chamber, or clarinet choir. Another strong resource for contemporary literature. 

The Eb Clarinet Project: Features a database of works for Eb clarinet (solo and chamber). The website also includes an informative blog. 

Eble /Groth Music: Music for all instruments and voice with an extensive clarinet catalogue covering all levels. 

Clarinet Repertoire: A site/database promoting gender diversity in clarinet recital programming. Includes literature by womxn composers written since 1989. 

Institute for Composer Diversity: Dedicated to the celebration, education, and advocacy of music created by composers from historically underrepresented groups through database resources and programming analysis.


Clarineat Podcast: Hosted by Sean Perrin, "all that’s new and neat for clarinet." Includes a range of topics from equipment, to pedagogy, to auditions, and the business side of being a career musician. 
The Musician's Guide to being healthy, wealthy, and wise: Host Karen Cubides, CEO of Cubides Artist Services, helps musicians take a healthy and holistic approach to career development. 
Clarinet Corner: Hosted by Dr. Tim Phillips, Professor of Clarinet at Troy University, features interviews and snippets from new CD releases. 
Candid Clarinetist Podcast: Features interviews, performances, reviews, and panel discussions with leaders in the world of clarinet and professional orchestras. Hosted by Acting Principal of the Indianapolis Symphony, Sam Rothstein
That's Not Spit, It's Condensation: "A podcast that explores what makes great musicians great." Most episodes are long-form interviews with orchestral musicians, pedagogues, and freelancers. Hosted by Principal Trumpet of the Alabama Symphony, Ryan Beach. 
UnF*ck Your Brain: Former lawyer and Master Certified Coach Kara Lowentheil discusses topics affecting professionals in high-stress vocations (especially women). Lowentheil uses the principles of "thought work" to help listeners reshape limiting beliefs. Topics tackled include perfectionism, imposter syndrome, boundaries, stress, shame, black and white thinking, and much more. 



Note Grouping A Method for Achieving Expression and style in Musical Performance by James Morgan Thurmond: This book outlines the basic principles of note grouping with musical and anecdotal examples. 

Sound in Motion A Performer's Guide to Greater Musical Expression by David McGill: Principal Bassoonist of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, McGill has assembled an exhaustive study that uses the musical concepts of the legendary Marcel Tabuteau as a starting point from which to develop musical thought. This is a concrete method for developing expressive, characteristic performances using note grouping.  

The Inner Game of Tennis by Timothy Gallwey: A groundbreaking book that teaches people of all disciplines how to:
• focus your mind to overcome nervousness, self-doubt, and distractions
• find the state of “relaxed concentration” that allows you to play at your best
• build skills by smart practice, then put it all together in performance

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert: Gilbert digs deep into her own generative process to share her wisdom about creativity in a pragmatic, yet at times whimsical, manner. Inspiring and forthright, this book helps readers reach their artistic goals without self-loathing, finding joy in in the process. 

The Clarinet by Eric Hoeprich:  This is a narrative history on the development and evolution of the clarinet. Hoeprich includes an intensive examination of early clarinets along with other members of the clarinet family.
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